State Senator Brian Kelsey is a doer, not just a talker. He passed a constitutional amendment to ban the state income tax. He passed a bill to more than double the penalty for repeat armed home burglars. He has helped increase K-12 public school funding by 70% during his service in the legislature. While some people are elected to sit quietly on the back bench, Senator Kelsey is a man of action.

Brian Kelsey exhibits this spirit of action in his professional life outside the state Senate, too. He started his own small business, the Kelsey Firm, from the ground up to help defend people against frivolous lawsuits. He has job experience signing both sides of a paycheck—as both an employer and an employee. This is the type of job experience we need in our leaders in Nashville.

Senator Kelsey maintains his office on the Collierville town square in a building where his great grandfather once ran a shoe store. His family has lived in Shelby County for seven generations.

Most importantly of all, Brian dearly loves his wife, Amanda. Look for the two of them on morning walks in East Memphis and Germantown. You’ll recognize them by their sweet yellow lab, Bella.

Brian Kelsey: He’s not talking about the job. He’s doing the job for you.